Do you host public events?

We frequently hold “Shred Days” that are open to the public. These events let us introduce ourselves and what we do to the communities we work in and also shares the process of paper shredding and recycling with them. The public is invited to bring up to five banker boxes of paper each to be destroyed right on premise. Check back on our news section to see where we’ll be next!

Will you help me unload my car?

Our staff is more than happy to assist getting boxes from your vehicle to our shredder. Just let us know when you check in at our main office upon arrival to our plant that you’ll need assistance.

Can I witness my documents being destroyed?

Absolutely. We welcome you to watch the process either at our plant or right at our mobile shred trucks, which are all equipped with a camera that shows the paper being shredded right inside the truck. You have peace of mind knowing it’s destroyed.

Where does the destroyed paper go once it leaves you?

After being shred and baled at our facility in Utica, the material is then shipped to large paper mills. The majority of our material stays right in New York State. At the mills, the material is recycled and made into every day products such as toilet paper, paper towels and tissues. Not only is shredding your confidential documents good for your peace of mind and safety, but it is also good for the environment by taking part in a proven recycling process.

Do you do site visits?

Yes… we do free site evaluations to discuss logistics, review access to your building and documents, review your current paper handling process, look for any on-site needs such as containers and also look for ways you can be more efficient in your day-to-day recycling. Our team has decades of experience with destroying confidential documents and can make great recommendations for you and your staff to make paper handling more efficient, easy, safe and compliant.


Call today to for FREE site visit! 1-800-62-SHRED

Can you recycle hanging files?

Yes. Our machinery will remove any metal that is in hanging folders – no need to remove it before bringing it to us.

Does my industry require confidential data destruction?

Most industries and a lot of companies are moving to having a system in place to shred all confidential documents. Many are even moving to shred ALL corporate documents. You never know what could be written on a scrap piece of paper that ends up in the regular garage can. When in doubt… destroy it! See how we can assist you in your industry here.