Empire Recycling offers an array of scrap metal services across New York State to make removal and responsible recycling easy.

Our Fleet
The Empire fleet includes dozens of tractor trailers and roll off trucks that span our eight locations throughout New York State. Whether moving heavy machinery that can't be cut down for scrap or needing an on-site container and pick up for your site, we can handle it all.

Roll Offs
Applicable for many job sites and projects, roll off containers make removal of scrap metal easy. We have hundreds of containers available for use, in four sizes. Our fleet of trucks brings the roll off right to your site and picks it back up when you are done. All material is trucking back to our site for proper sorting, grading and packaging for recycling.

Walking Floor
We have walking floor trailers available for easy loading and unloading of material.

Free Analysis of your Facility/Project
In order to maximize the value of your material, we offer a free analysis of your material. Our trained staff uses a Nitron and an Innovex metal identification unit to scan and identify various metals. We can give you a snapshot of the material you have at hand, and help you determine the most advantageous and profitable removal solution.

Customized Solutions
Scrap and machinery removal can be challenging at times. Our experienced staff has seen it all - and upon our analysis of your facility or special need, we can come up with a customized removal solution for you. Our various machinery and trucks we have at our disposal, along with special machinery or tools from our partners, makes any job possible.

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