The Process

Scrap material comes to our facility from individuals, scrap dealers, demolition contractors and others. Once on site, it is weighed by scales certified by the Oneida County Department of Weights and Measures and goes forth to be graded, sorted, cut and then either shredded, baled or logged. We prepare a mill-ready product for remelting and processing based on industry standard specifications.

Once sent to the mill, materials from our site ends up all over the country and also internationally and eventually becomes new material such as sheet metal, can stock and more. Our important part in the vast process of recycling helps materials get reused and allows us to help the environment and our communities.

The integrity of our processes and workforce, backed by our 90+ years of longevity in the industry and our conservative, strategic growth make Empire Recycling a fair and experienced choice for your scrap material needs.

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Aluminum is shredded right on-site, saving additional trucking, energy and time.
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In business for over 90 years, Empire's history is rich.
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Empire supports many great community efforts from artists to efforts for the disabled.
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"Artists from Sculpture Space enjoy Earth Day at our yard each year"